Social Marketing at its best

Via Amr Gharbeia

Income-tax authority has been bombarding Egyptian citizens with TV ads calling for barbers, cheese-sellers and mechanics to provide tax-payable receipts with every single purchase. Apparently those brilliant kids were motivated to give a lesson in Social Marketing but in a bottom-top approach. The boy buying the weekly Mickey asks for receipt, gets a punch-of-the-oppressed. Chapeau!


  1. […] I had seven heart attacks from laughter watching and reading this… […]

    Pingback by Adbusters Egyptian-Style الضرايب مصلحتك عند أم التيتي at 3arabawy — 2008/05/13 @ 19:16

  2. The video is no longer available

    Comment by ma3t — 2008/05/31 @ 0:06

  3. بارك الله بك
    سعيد بالتعرف عليك
    ادعوك لزيارة موقعنا المتواضع ومدونتي

    Comment by أحمد العلي — 2008/06/01 @ 10:48

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